Bibshort Black

Bibshort Black

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This bib is made for riding. Composed out of soft, durable and highly breathable fabrics, this bib short comes with a strong compressed body and is fitted with one of the best seat inserts available on the market today. From the placements of the seams to the choice of the type of seat insert materials used, our bib shorts are designed to keep you dry, make you feel comfortable and ensure you can keep on riding.
How is the fit?
This bib short has a compressed fit with normal measurement dimensions. Choose the size you normally wear with similar products. In the images above, Siem (blond) is wearing a size M, Olivier (dark) is wearing a size L (they are both 183 centimeters (6 feet) tall).

Sizing table

Bibshort Length Waist In-seam
XS < 172cm 73 - 78cm 20 - 21cm
S 172 - 176cm 78 - 82cm 21 - 22cm
M 175 - 179cm 82 - 86cm 22 - 23cm
L 178 - 184cm 86 - 90cm 23 - 24cm
XL 182 - 187cm 90 - 94cm 24 - 25cm
XXL 185 - 193cm 94 - 98cm 26 - 27cm


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