We are Banana Cycling

Late 2016, at the end of the cycling season in the Netherlands and after another great year of riding beautiful roads in Europe, we were looking to refresh and update our cycling wardrobe. Not satisfied about what was available on the market already, we decided to create our own.

For us, cycling is about being in the moment, about friendships, about flair, and about pushing your own boundaries. It guides you to - sometimes literally - breathtaking places. Like mountain tops or those secret, never seen before areas in your city. Whether you ride with full gear or fixed gear. It's a way of life that, once it fully grabs you, will never let you go. We like to share this awesome feeling.

Banana Cycling merges these elements that express everything great about cycling with fashion, high quality fabrics and an excellent fit. We want you to feel just that little bit more excited, and proud to be a cyclist once you put on our clothing and get ready for your ride.

We are Banana Cycling. A new cycling startup, based in the Netherlands, bringing premium cycling apparel wrapped in Dutch Design. Check out our collection, suit up and #jointheride.

See you on the road!