J.Guillem is a Dutch bike manufacturer who uses titanium as a main ingredient in creating truly breathtaking bikes that can rival their high-end carbon competition. Their frames are a work of art, perfectly-fit-for-purpose and last a lifetime. A very cool company with equally inspiring people. We really love to ride their bikes. Find out more about our Dutch friends at
Kask / Carbonbike
Kask is a trusted brand in the cycling industry. This innovative Italian company is successfully protecting the heads of both pro and amateur riders worldwide for years. Check their full product range of premium cycling helmets at Kask helmets are also available via Carbonbike, a Benelux importer and distributor of premium cycling brands. Give them a visit at
Alba Optics
ALBA Optics is an Italian manufacturer of fashionable, high quality sunglasses especially designed for road cycling. These real eyecatchers are a beautiful combination of the iconic shapes of the past combined with the latest modern technology. A great combination with your Banana Cycling kit. Find out more about our Italian friends at
Carlo Cesar
After a short but powerful long-track speed skating career - Carlo realized his childhood dream of speed skating on national television, competing against Olympians in front of a sold out stadium - he made a switch to cycling. Track cycling in particular. He's now training hard to make to cut and participate at the Tokio 2020 Summer Olympics. We're proud to work together with Carlo and are confident that he will realize this very exciting dream of becoming an Olympic Athlete. Find out more about Carlo Cesar at