Kickstarter success, and what’s next.

Kickstarter success, and what’s next.

Just a bit over a week ago we successfully reached and surpassed our Kickstarter goal. Being funded by more than 110%, and with backers coming from all over the world combined with all the positive feedback we received during and after our campaign, it’s needless to say that we are over the moon with this result. It’s really going to help us move forward. Take a new big step in our adventure. And we couldn’t have done it without all the support. Without you. So, many thanks! It means a lot. 

So what’s next?

After celebration it’s time for business. Time to shift gears again and deliver. And we’re already working hard to make cool things happen. One of these things is the production of our new Banana Pro Series. And we have some good news! After collecting all surveys, which wasn’t that difficult because you all responded so quickly, we are happy to tell you that we have started production a few days ago and are on schedule. Yay!

That being said, production can always come with a surprise and things like custom delays will always be hard to predict but we left some wiggle room when we designed our roadmap.

In any case, we’ll make sure to update you on our progress on a regular basis.

The success of this campaign also enabled us to kick our development into a higher gear. We are working enthusiastically on some very cool stuff for the near future which we hope to show you soon. So subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned.

For now, many thanks for supporting our project. We are excited to take this next big step in our adventure together with the Kickstarter community and are looking forward to meet you on the road.

Lots of love.