Banana x Jordie Rovers

Banana x Jordie Rovers

During the international design festival Dutch Design Week 2018 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, we proudly present Banana x Jordie Rovers. The first edition of our new and very limited Banana Art Series.

Clothing can be a great canvas, a perfect way to express yourself. And as much as we like sports and cycling in particular, we like art as well. Based upon the high quality and comfort of our Banana Pro Series we therefore created the Banana Art Series. A new and exciting collaboration with highly talented local artists to bring the worlds of cycling and art closer together. 

With popping colours and outspoken designs we hope to bring more smiles to the roads we ride on. Every colab will have a very limited availability and comes with a fully designed kit - jersey, bibshort and socks - and an original, matching, numbered and signed artpiece.

These series will kick-off with the Banana x Jordie Rovers colab. Jordie Rovers is a very talented Dutch artist specialised in collage inspired, abstract designs. Coming in black and white with a few colour details, this kit is ready to turn heads.

Banana x Jordie Rovers will be available to see and pre-order during the Dutch Design Week 2018 in Eindhoven at brewpub Van Moll, located at Keizersgracht 16A in the heart of the city. The exibition will close at Sunday October 28th with live music and very good, freshly brewed beers.

After the Dutch Design Week, this kit will be available for pre-order via our shop. Note: the kit has a very limited availability and can sell out pretty quick. The full set will be priced at EUR 275 (including a high quality silkscreen print) and delivered in the first quarter of 2019.

See you on the road!